Super Turtles on Campus

Every once in a while, I spot them, sometimes hiding in the reeds, rarely, laying on a piece of driftwood–sunning themselves, and sometimes they float in the water, with their heads sticking out just enough to spot them if you look carefully. They remind me of what frogs look like as they observe their surroundings because they have the exact same body structure. You just see their little noses and eyes poking out of the water, very cleverly disguised, almost undetectable by humans unless you were watching very carefully. I had made a promise that one day I would capture one (or all) of them with my camera. I know there are at least five of them because in the student calendar, there was a photo of the turtles being released into the pond where they live today. Whether they are all alive now is another mystery? So many times I have walked by, only to be mused at because I neither had my camera or, they scurried away–and they are fast–super fast! So after my Thursday night class, all the elements for this encounter came to be. There was one, very close to the shore, sitting on his favourite piece of wood, and in my pack I had the camera. The only thing that sucked was, the log was situated on the West side of the pond, another words, the Sun was to my back. I got some very good shots, but my shadow was still noticeable in most of the shots and I think the turtle knew this? I only had time for 5 shots before, like a bolt of lightning, he leaped away to the bottom of the pond, perhaps waiting there until I had left. But now I have turtle shots!

2 Thoughts on “Super Turtles on Campus

  1. I am in Rocky for the weekind Will be leaving on Sunday Morning for Grimshaw. Have to be there for Sunday night. Give me a call on my cell OKAY/ I will get a new call card so I have some time on my phone. MOM. Dean says that Julia needs a kick in the butt. Ha Ha Ha.

  2. I’ll give you a shout either Fri. or Saterday morning. Hope the move is going smooth for you guys? See you then… 🙂

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