Week 2 Behind Me Now

What a day, what a week so far, with one more day remaining: when can I get some sleep? That has been my thoughts for the last sixteen hours of consciousness. My classes were review, and brief re-acquainted looks at what we should have already learned from our undergraduate courses… nevertheless, I was struggling to keep myself going as the hours of lectures ensued. I have exceeded my readings beyond the course syllabus, mainly because I found that If I read a head, the lectures are more coherent, however boring, as they become review. I’m now able to read how the prof. teaches versus the textbook when preparing for the exam. I’m finding that the textbook can be the best source of understanding the course material rather then relying on the lectures. This is contrary to what they say at the beginning of each course! Speaking of exams: My first set of midterms are next week! Oh joy this Summer Semester has being so far…….. *arg*

5 Thoughts on “Week 2 Behind Me Now

  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA? Midterms next week?

    Okay, is it just me, or do terms go far faster these days?

    I feel like I’m on fast-forward?

  2. Hey T, long time no type……?????

    Yes, the Summer term is shorter by 2 weeks. They still keep the 14 weeks of lecture, but you skip the 2 weeks for finals. So, to keep the course subject matter on track and up to acedemic quality, they put you through more testing than the Fall and Spring peroids. Lastly, These first midterms are weighted lightly, only to get the introduction out of the way. Both midterms for next week are only 15 percent overall, a drop in the ocean from my point of view…

  3. Sounds like you are definitely grasping the study concepts, anyhow… I’m sure you’ll do great with those tests this week.

    I wish I had more time — I do always read your blog, but sometimes don’t have time to leave my mark. Know I’m following though!!

  4. Oh, Hey, I’m in the same boat too! Time. Boy, if I had 36 hour days, I would type 5000 word easys here….. thank goodness we don’t have 36 hour days or we would find more work to do… my circlular argument of the day. Actually, I was referring to your absents from last week on your Blog (when I wrote that, with all the question marks at the end). Not the time that you responded here. I was getting worried that you had OD on work or something? Oh no, soory, I hope I didn’t sound——sarcastic, I was happy that you sent me a comment. 🙂 (I should of left out the question marks) 😛

  5. hehe… I started to run screaming from the computer at the end of the work day, and thus, didn’t blog for a bit.

    I’m back now 😉

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