The Long Weekend, Finally!

So, I’m into the third week of classes. As I type, there is a killer thunder and lighting storm heading over top of Fort Langley and I have my generator ready for the power outage! According to the weather office, rain, clouds and wind are in the forecast till Monday. Bummer! Just when I was ready to enjoy the upcoming May-Day parade this Monday, it will be rained upon. Crap! The thunder is getting louder?????

Some calendar notes I must take care of:

*Mom*: your computer is still in the box. I had no time to get it ready for this weekend and sent up to your neck of the woods. So, this weekend, I’m going to get it running and I’ll hopefully have it en route to you by next week. Sorry about that, my classes are swamping me–time, time, time.

One Thought on “The Long Weekend, Finally!

  1. You just have to keep your Mom sorted out Tom. Too important!!

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