Smokers Beware as Employers Crackdown

I was amazed this morning when I was listening to the radio, CBC Vancouver, 690AM, the 8:00am news, they reported that most American Corporations are now changing their hiring practises when looking at cost of health and worker productivity. American and Canadian employers are taking a second look at those who are applying, looking for employment who are smokers. Apparently, those who smoke, have higher absenteeism, and the cost is more to cover them in American Corporations who have private Health-Care insurance. For Canada, absenteeism cost “80 milion” per year in lost production. Of course, a lot must be read into what a corporation reports as lost product! ha ha ha…

We now have a much awaited traffic control system at a very heavy used intersection by both traffic, and pedestrians in Fort Langley. I think after the kill and injury ratio started to climb, the local government started to take a second look at this problem. I remember when I first moved here 10 years ago, that intersection was real problem then. Only one corner gets all the traffic, heading North bound, the right turn corner, heading East. Coupled by that, there is Ferry traffic from the North, heading South, which results in a wave of 40 vehicles every 15 min and a double set of railway tracks 20 metres North of the intersection. I’m happy, regardless of how is came to be!

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