Lots of Stuff Going On

This has certainly been an action packed week. One, that if it were not for the fact that I could not of taken time off from work, would of ended up in a panic-attack or failing grades and unfinished work. Nevertheless, being granted time from work has saved my first series of mid-terms examination; the extra much needed time certainly lowered the stress level to a much more manageable pace and allowed for qualitative study time.


As I mentioned before, I’m taking some time off; “time for good behaviour,” as I call it. As a Criminologist, I sometime equate situations in life to penal, or prison jargon. This helps to add humour to a dull ritualistic employment setting. Although my employer may not see this in the same perspective as I do, they seem to go along with it? So, I’ll be posting at unusual times than my normal pattern. Its amazing how much time in one’s life work really takes up, isn’t it?


In the LINUX world, for those of you who follow the LINUX RedHat and FedoraCore projects, FedoraCora4-test3 (FC4-T3) has just been released, and the final release for FC4 will be sometime around June 10, 2005. I’ll be upgrading my current Operating System to FC4-T3 effective Thursday, because I find that installing bug-fixes are much faster than installing the final cut, then, install bug-fixes afterwords. In short, someone has already taken the time to make the RPM files (I know, you MS people have know idea what I’m talking about, do you..) and they install more cleanly.


Mom, your computer is on it’s way! Yes, I shipped it though the Post and you should see it on Friday, barring any mishaps and natural disasters. The unit is insured for total cost. And NO!!!! I did not send it C.O.D., as Dean jokingly stated! How could I do that to my own Mother! LOL.

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