What the Textbook Says

Perhaps I’m getting a little too involved with my classes? Last night after the exam, I found out that one of the earlier assignments from the beginning of the semester was marked wrong, and I began the appealed process to have it corrected. Right now, I regretted having started that “wheel in motion” because I thought something as simple as changing a test score was, in fact, a huge bureaucratic, overly complicated process that seemed to far outweigh the lousy single mark I was out right owed. Needless to say, I quickly figured that this prof was actually trying to promote this “paper chase” and was using this as a tool to deter any further attempts to further appeals. The end result was me writing a letter to the prof, and explaining that I would most certainly follow though with process again, if necessary, if the need came about. Also, I explained, now that I figured out the process and completed it, that this process would become automatic, my threat for future reference. Perhaps harsh words for a very regemented system, but dammit, it was a unjust mark, a wrong that need to be righted!

And lastly, last night while I was archiving my photos into digital images, I found this little gem. Yup, this is baby Thomasso and his younger sister. Although I was probably 3 or 4 at the time in the photo, this made me think about all those other kids, and when they grow up, what they’ll become? Of course, the family continued to grow after this was taken and I now have way too many sisters and I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I had all brothers? Yup, better stop now, I’m probably going to get it now….. just posting this picture has put me on the hot-seat….

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