When Friends Graduate

I would like to congratulate my good friend and colleague of higher learning: Patricia, who finally got recognition for her completion of her Associates Degree in Criminology. If all goes to plan, she should be the first group of students to graduate from Kwantlen with her BA in Criminology, because the BA program just started last January. A lot of students have already started working on their electives even before they completed their 2 year degrees because of the rush getting into the program. It is strange that out of 40 2 year graduates, only seven chose to participate in the graduation ceremonies. I know for Patricia, this was well deserved recognition for all the hard work and hardship this degree does to a person. Like she said to me, “This is my pat on the back, and I deserve it.”

I can say with out any doubt, the friends you make in college, are friends you keep for life. It was a honour for me to sit out in the auditorium seeing the ceremony, watching your friends up there in one of societies greatest events, receiving honour, recognition and the title graduate.

The next time we are up there on that stage, it will be for the big one. Full recognition with a BA Degree, and hopefully, with distinction. It is these memories that drive you to work harder and knowing what your goal is and that it is getting closer and closer.

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