New Toys to Play with

My holiday, or as some people have corrected me, time off from work, because I really never had a holiday, or vacation as I like to call it, is now over. All good things come to a end. But, just before I return back to the throws of work and put on the ball and chain, I purchased a brand news laptop on Thursday, so I have something to keep happy during breaks and lunch times. I waited for some deals to come up and then pounced on them when they reduced the price by $300.00 just before they started the clearance for new stuff. I’m really hyped about it.

I had a “cheaper” laptop while back: it was old, slow, and out dated, and then some kind sole took it off my hands from a single moment of leaving it unattended at the college parking lot. I guess they needed it more then I did. Fortunately at that time I have nothing of real value in it, well, to me, anyways such as homework, however, I did learn a harsh lesson of college file, even college students are criminals too. This time, I have security on it. First, if they think they are getting some common Windows product, they are in for a shock! I have LINUX on it with full encryption and you would require several layers of passwords to get at the hart of the machine. I’ve also had a friend of mine install a security chip, so that it can be scanned by the police if it was taken.

Anyway, I have learned from my past and I will be keeping it very close by when in the public sphere. Obviously, I’ll be using it during classes, so as they are not that common on campus, I’m sure I’ll be noticed. I’m hoping being male, somewhat older and tend to hang in crowds of two or more, I highly doubt that someone would “jump” me for it. But Surrey, BC is getting out of hand for general street level crime, I won’t let my guard down! Sad eh?

2 Thoughts on “New Toys to Play with

  1. Yay for new toys! …And, be afraid of Surrey. I grew up there for the last few years of my teens (Cloverdale, actually), and I can’t BELIEVE how bad it’s gotten lately.

    Then again, with a growth of over 1000 people per month, there’s going to be some problems along with that.

  2. Wow, T, How are ya? I hope you are feeling better. Anyway, I almost forgot that you were once from there? I got that chip installed, for the insurance, so I’m feeling good about that. I just can’t leave it alone for any time. People can see those so easely, and everyone wants one!

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