Skipping Away Life

Okay, It may not seem like a big deal, but I’m going to skip work tomorrow. Not for selfish reasons, like I’m doing something for personal pleasure…. no, no, this is priority, level 10, the highest you can get with the thomasso death alert scale! I completely forgot what time my exam was scheduled for. Now, of course I knew I had the dam exam, I have been studying like hell for it, I just forgot to check a head of time when it was scheduled during the day. So without pissing off my employer, who likes to have their employees fill out form and give out approval, disapproval notices to the requests, I am opting for the next best solution, and probably the only “hassle free” method I have at my disposal. I therefore will be phoning in sick tomorrow, taking the whole day off, so I may do some last minute cramming and resting before the gruelling 3hours of writer’s cramps and sweating over a single piece of paper. Oh God, don’t you just love mid-terms?

Also, the other highlight of today, on the topic of employer, employee relations, I announced my intentions of wishing to go Part Time. I was surprised at first how well the manager took the news. But then as time moved onwards into the working day, it was apparent that I was the focal point of many discussions around the water-cooler and in the office. I assumed that everyone knew about my situation, college, doing my B.A. and the tremendous workload associated with doing such a undertaking, that they would of figured it out. After all, I certainly gave everyone ample warnings and made lots of singles about it? I guess they are hoping that I would either drop college or just slog it out? At this stage, I only gave them the “heads up,” not the official notice and I still need to talk to them and see what sort of an arrangement they wish to accommodate me with. They may create an unacceptable offer in which case would lead me to choose new employment. As they know, I am very employable in our current market climate and with 10 years of experience, they may wish to take a second sober look at what they throw on the table. Oh, is there fun and excitement in my life right now…..

One Thought on “Skipping Away Life

  1. Ahh, yes. Employee relations, and all the fun and games that go along with it. I’m quite sure your employer will see your value and provide you with the means to have a less stressful daily routine. Hell, turn-over in employment is really crazy expensive, no matter what industry you are in.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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