Those Prison Walls

Yes, I know…. I have been busy lately. Keeping up with my classes has taken all my time and prevented my from blogging: such anguish when I have so much to say? However, nonetheless, I have made it back here again to type for another day. I have titled this entry, “Those Prison Walls,” because when I took this photograph, I was hart-struck to see such a beautiful thing existed in such a awful place. Oh, I am referring to my work, because it is going through a major transformation right at this moment. Construction, heavy equipment and construction workers disrupting everything. Also, it is how I feel about my job and those for whom I work for. I sometimes feel that I am working in a prison, or more accurately, a inmate living the same routine over and over and over afraid to climbs the walls for fear of what lays beyond. Yuk! I am getting a little philosophical here aren’t I? But anyway, this is why I took the photo. It shows that in the worst of conditions that we human beings can endure and put our own kind through, we can see beauty beyond those walls and know that out there, just beyond our grasp, lays wonders that gives us hope and meaning to our lives.

We are going down the home stretch for this semester. Most of the mid-terms are done now. It is just papers and presentations to do, plus the final exams. The end is near! Six more long weeks… I have put my normal-regular scheduled life on hold because of the intensity of these courses. So, if you wondering where I have been, homework and sleep deprivation is the only excitement in my life. I will be back on track in a couple of weeks or so.

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