I’m Still Here, Very Busy

Weird that I even forgot that the days are getting shorter and that, this marks the first day Summer: although you would never know it around here, so, this is to keep you all informed and up-to-date on what is going on.

College is killing me right now. I had just gotten though another round of mid-terms and now it is the assignments: papers, presentations, etc.. that are next. Summer Semesters are notorious for not having finals in them. Instructors do not like to mark these exams while they are getting ready for the Fall Semester. That being said, I have one more set of mid-terms coming up in less than 4 weeks, thus marking the final increments of assignments from each of my courses. So, I will be hiding behind my keyboard until the end of August.

Amongst all the assignments and reading required from my course, I have almost completed my second issue of the family News Letter! Yes, I have compiled Emails, phone call information and letters: and wrapped them all up in a 5 page News Letter which will be mailed out this Monday. So stay tuned for that.

That is all for now. Remember that you comments here if you want to contact me or respond to this or any of the entries here on the weBlog. Also, you can Email me any time you like, just keep the SPAM to yourself. 🙂

2 Thoughts on “I’m Still Here, Very Busy

  1. Yeah, I hear ya….. it doesn’t get any better with that mind numbing Stats 2300 course….. Arg…. I haven’t left my shell yet either????????

  2. Oh yeah! Did you get the class notes from last Tuesday? I’m still waiting for the website to be updated….. I got most of assignment 3 done but still need to finish the essay: I’ve only gotten 5 pages done so far??????

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