Okay, I’m still alive, just not home

Some of you out there are wondering where and what I’m up to these days? Right! Well, you wanted an up-date, O kay, here’s the up-date:

First off, I’m still under the gun as far as exams and term projects are concerned here. I have so many plied up that I’m starting to thing that my feet have left the ground and I can say ” I’m swimming in the stuff!” Yes, it really feels that way. these course this semester are real killers. This morning: yes, on a Saturday, we had a meeting among my CRIM2331 classmates who are assigned to perform group presentations throughout the term. My turn is in two weeks from now and we just received our presentation material from the prof. So, Now with an exam in that same course schedule for next week, this doesn’t give us much time to do the required research for the presentation. If you think that is bad, also on that same day I have another meting with my Psychology class students on another totally different group project plus another exam the following week. Those are just two classes and I feel like I just did a full term load already?

You wanted to know about the weather around here? Well, up until late today it sucked. Rain and rain and clouds! It actually started clearing this afternoon. great to know that starting Monday, we are back in Summer!

The family news letter has been sent out all read: as of last Monday. So please check your mail-boxes to see if has shown up. This has all the address and Email listing of the entire family that is on-line. Anyway, I hope that helps.

So, I must get back to the grind-stone. My to-do-list is sitting right in front of my and tyhe pile is not shrinking. So, I’ll see you all later and remember that this hell called college will end in about 5 weeks from now. Phew: I can’t wait until then….

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