Road Rage and Dumb Drivers

These have got to be one of the hottest topics going in Vancouver and surrounding areas right now, dumb-ass drivers and crappy roads? After two “Dumb-ass” governments in a row, our roads are shit! As I drive them everyday, after paying into the tax-sucking machine that is supposed to service this infrastructure, I feel like I just got the raw end of the deal: and for that matter, three and a half million other British Colombians. Now people are feeling it too as the population of motorist climbs and a third of the those drive SUV and 40% have more then one vehicle per household, road rage is hitting epidemic proportions.

This is the scene. I was driving West bound on 88 Avenue in Fort Langley and was waiting at the light to making a right hand turn onto Glover Road. I was behind two other cars and the light had just turned green. Just as the first on-coming vehicle start to enter the intersection a person in a small car made a right-hand turn from Glover Road right into his path. Well, the on-coming truck tooted his horn and the person in the car (a lady) waved in a polite jester, clearly indicating that she had made a mistake and that everyone had enough distance to avoid an accident, so no harm was done. The truck, a SUV, had all kinds of room to slow down and let the car through. He did that. Now, he decided that was not enough, he now needs to teach the lady in the car a lesson. He leans on he horn for about 2 minutes while revving up his truck and then proceeds to tailgate her for the next Kilometer.

I felt ashamed for the Male species. No, I felt ashamed for the human species! You see, Fort Langley has grown way too fast for it capacity. Our roads in and around the town are in need of repair and they cannot handle the sheer volume of traffic, especially when in rush hour: which is about 3 hours, twice a day. So, who do you blame? Well, I see it as a combination of factors and the forefront is our politician and bureaucrats, then Male temperment: a close second. We elected them and they appoint the planners and committees to handle and deal with these problems; and it sure looks like someone is not doing their job?

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  1. Hello, You think your place has problems with road rage! try driving in the UK.
    As much as I like to drive it is becoming progresively worse here. Not only do we have to put up with poor drivers and road rage but we have to suffer for the Governments plans to deal with congestion. We will soon be taxed off the roads. Yet that’s the governments plans to deal with green house gas,congestion and the like. Road tax for cars £185.00 a year, Petrol currently at £0.87.9p a litre that is £4.39.5 a gallon!!.
    Car insurance on average £300.00 a year plus 9% insurance tax. Now if you live and work in London you face the congestion charge! just gone up to £8.00 per visit. Not only that but now the government is introducing tolls on some of our motorways and there is a scheme of a black box gps system fitted to cars etc that monitors where you drive and charges accordingly per mile. So if you travel in peak times ie when most folk travel to work and home again you could pay as much as £0.90p a mile on top of everything else…Hell some rail companies even want to charge commuters a congestion charge during peak times!!!.
    Public transport in the UK is a joke so no real alternative to using your own transport…such is our lot in the UK

  2. Well, it seems the only answer is to move away from the city and suburbs and live in the rural areas of the country. Perhaps living in the less populated areas, one would have to sacrifice the opportunities of employment and modernization for peace and quite, less stress and no traffic!

    I’m actually thinking right now that once I’m finished College, that is what I might do? I mean, I’ll have the opportune to find my profession just about anywhere in the country and the demand is just as urgent in the smaller communities then in the metropolitan areas.

    I’m tired of driving on roads that are congested; and like you said, gas tax, toll roads and all the other costs, they are getting too much. If our governments would some put in initiatives in, say, public transit: and mean make it viable to everyone to use it, then hey—I would jump on board. But, we are years away from this: in Canada anyway.

  3. Or, here’s a better idea! Do what I did and move a block from your office! 🙂 There’s not a lot of road rage in my life when I’m walking the block each morning.

    Mind you, on my new bike, I’ve noticed a lot more jerks come out of the woodwork. People have something against sane motorcycle drivers!

  4. Hey NetChick, long time…. he he he. That’s what I did when I mover to Fort Langley. Now the place is growing so fast that I’m not getting any time to ajust to the new drivers on the road. Or, I’m not used to waiting to mack a right hand turn. Its scarry.

    But ya, I couldn’t move any closer without being right inside the busness area. I would have a problem of living too close to work—yuk 🙁 That would be too much for me. I need at least one tree near me, on terra-ferma. 😀 But the walking would be cool! I used to ride my bike to work also, but then the a****** drivers, like you said, run bikes off the road, and the lifespan of the cyclest is a lot shorter then those who walk.

    Hummmm? I don’t know??????

  5. Noooo… I meant my motorcycle! Even worse.

    Thankfully — I live 3 blocks from Stanley Park and the seawall, so plenty of trees nearby for me to enjoy without having to climb into (or on) a vehicle to do so. I love living 1.5 blocks from my office!!

  6. Yes…….. I knew what you ment.

    My life is lived out of a day planner right now. I need every second I can get. The car is the only thing that keeps my time table. Out here in boonies, we get 5 bus trip per day, none fall even close to my work times. My drive to work is about 10min, but that cover just under 8KM from Fort Langley to Port Kells. Just now, that 10 min ride now has 400 new homes built along the way?

    I gues I should be heppy that I can drive, most people are starting to fell the pinch of gas prices and auto insurance.

    But WOW, 1.5 blocks to work, that would work for me! 😀

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