Normal, Semi-Normal or Just Plain

Life is back to semi-normal. What I mean by that is, I am finished the last of the big exams, and I now just have the finals left to do. Unlike the regular semesters, most profs don’t like to have huge finals during this time. They would like to have a little time for themselves for the Summer period and not send it marking and grading exams. So, I am able to relax a little and rest after the last four weeks of HELL that I have endured.

This last midterm almost killed me. I had never gone as close to the point of throwing my textbooks against the wall before. In fact, it scared me. I have never experienced pressure like this? Sure, I have had work deadlines and have done countless court appearances, doing civil suites and volunteering with members of our justice department, but they never could of prepared me for this. In fact, this sort of pressure is very unique to me. My life has generally being well centered and I have always kept my level of preparedness up to pare. Perhaps this is the real underlying message that College and University are trying to convey to the student?

Regardless of what has happened, it is over. I am sure that the following semesters will be a little more tame compared to this one. This photo of entrance to “G-Builind” shown here on the right is the “Doorway to Hell” as some students have eluted too. I could never get over the fact that objects have such powerful emotional attachments. I actually had a nightmare about this part of the campus…. I am not kidding.

Work has not been much help either. With the Trucker’s Containers Strike now into it’s fourth week, my job has amplified the stress factor in my life. We are dead: very little work. Perhaps this is another agent to my stress problems at school. I have way too much stuff on my mind: both from work and school? This photo is currently what my job site looks like. We are getting a massive extension added onto our existing building and the construction is not causing any annoyances, but “the employer” has told us that worse yet to come. When they start knocking out the walls, then working will get interesting. I wonder If I’ll need paper weights when it gets windy out side?

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