Rough, Tough and Dumb

Why “rough, tough and dumb,” you ask? Simple, I work for a large corporation. It is an American owned corporation. This particular outfit (for lack of a better word) is probably best described as a dinosaur in terms of new innovation and streamline efficiency. The larger a business gets, the more waist it produces; and when compared to smaller leaner companies, this leakage of capital would cause alarm bells to go off. Simply put, this leakage would be deemed unacceptable in any company owner’s bottom-line.

For the true capitalist, the bottom-line is the sacred holy Cow that some sociologists refer to as American Hegemony of ideologies. That being said, I work in the retail market. As some of you know, here in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, British Columbia, we are admits a nasty trucker’s strike that has halted all shipping container deliveries to Lower Mainland destinations. I work in the one department that receives these containers out of all the other departments, therefore I am in a very awkward position in my employment. The up side is, the company is doing a great job of coping by diverting shipping containers either through the US and taking them by road over the border, or by rail from the Port of Vancouver, but dropping them off in Calgary Alberta, then trucking them back: all at huge extra cost!

The dumb part of all this is, the Canadian Federal Government is going to step in. Unlike unionized workers, these truckers are owner-operators who are like small businesses. The problem is, how is the government going to force these businesses back to work when the crux of capitalism is companies must flourish while organized labour must heed to capitalism? Another words, you can legislate a employee back to work but you cannot do the same to a business or employer. So the question is: “will I have job if this work stoppage continues?” It has already been one month now! How much longer can they hold out? Will my department become that leakage that has killed so many dinosours in the past? Who knows, but I’m still working…

Oh, the photo is the bookstore covered area at the Kwantlen Surrey Campus, very late at night: in Summer time, it is still twilight out around 10:30PM!

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