How Dumb is Dumb

My rant has turned into blow-blown bitch sessions now. Yes, I’m going to talk about the Vancouver Port Truckers’ work stoppage that had paralyzed everyone in the area from getting their over-seas goods off the ships. As you might think, companies are hard pressed on getting their goods from the docks to their shelves. The government stepped in my supplying a facilitator to help get both side to the table and work out a solution to the problem.

The argument is over money. Truckers, who are owner operators, can no longer afford to do their business at the current rate due in large part of the coast of fuel and insurance. Thos other side is the brokers who hire on the truckers to mover the containers to the costumers do not want to pay the increased price. They see any governmental intervention as an insult to free-market-enterprise and therefore are quite content on not accepting any rate increase that maybe force upon them!

So, on Friday, the truckers agreed to a possible settlement that would have seen a rate hike of 55 to 65 percent in the first year, then a 85 percent hike in the second. I’m not sure as to how the companies could have enforced such a rate increase using the free-enterprise model? But anyway, they agreed 100 percent in favor.

Now, the business says no-way! They do not agree, and in fact, have said that they will not pay any increases whatsoever! So now we are back at the drawing table. Our containers are still sitting at the docs and we are still dealing with an empty warehouse. Nice work Neo-Liberals! Nice work! I will not feel so bad when the government legislates a licensing scheme or control measures to guarantee that goods move regardless of kind of dispute these businesses may have. I say, “Treat them like unions with collective agreements.�

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