Thank God It’s Friday

Sitting in my favorite chair, lemonade in one hand, Lap-Top in other, I looked outside and saw my new neighbors getting reading for a road trip for the weekend. Funny how when you sit there in your near “heat induced” comatose state do you realize just how weired the world around really is? I saw them hauling their camping gear into the trunk of their car. What was odd about that? Well, when I saw the television and portable kitchen station (as it’s called) I thought why not just bring your whole home with you? I guess for me, camping is just: well, camping! If I want all the comforts of home: then why not stay at home. If I want to stay somewhere in the lap of luxury: then why not rent a hotel room? Oh well, who am I to knock their spoiled pleasures? After all I’m the one staying home sitting in a nice air conditioned home sipping lemonade and thinking out loud, or at least typing it? Yup, I must be in that comatose state I was talking about?

My new neighbors replaced the ones that got evicted because of several drunken parties that involved a karaoke machine and several (drug related) calls to the police. I could ever be so grateful to see them go. I like my new neighbors, even though they put way too much into their camping trip, I could never explain the wide rang of my emotions of why I like them. I guess the real reason I like them so much is, I never see them. They do their own thing and never get into anyone’s hair. I like that quality in a neighbor! Perhaps this is what is so grate about living in a town like Fort Langley: you know everyone, but you know know one just the same. That is cool! ….time for a refill of extra cold lemonade!

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