Some of you might think I’m going nuts, others may understand but few can relate. Yes, I am talking about those pesky nightmare/weird dreams/half conscious mind trips you take just before the flood of exams start and the pressure reached fever pitch. I get them without fail every time crunch time hits whether it be a midterm or the down and dirty finals: like the ones I had last week. What makes this episode dreams so different is that they are still on going 72 hours after the event. This is different because of the time lag from when they started and when they should of ended?

I never noticed them when I was in high school or other times in my life when I would have periods of high intensity tress. The dreams: if any: were never as bad. Only when I was back in college/university did they become noticeable. There are two things that could explain this. First, the level of stress in college/university is way beyond what the normal person would experience in everyday life. Perhaps because of the unusual treatment that one puts themselves though during the learning process, this would induce the dreaming process way beyond what should be normally experienced. Sort of telling yourself that you are exerting yourself way too much and you should lay off, like kind of a warning system that would tell the individual that the level of stress is hitting a critical level. Second, this maybe a response of the cerebral cortex taking in new information. A mechanism that deals with the formation of synapses being formed and the brain’s functions of strengthening those newly formed bonds and the consequence (or after effect) is a heighten level of dreaming during each rest cycle.

The down side to all of this is that the dreams are weird, really weird. So weird in fact, I’m losing sleep because of them. The last two nights I have found myself waking up every two hours and unable to get back to sleep. Although the dreams are none nightmarish types, they are nonetheless the kind that make you wakeup because you actually think you are in a different plane of reality and you just had to wakeup because you felt you lost control. Hopefully things will get back to normal, if normal does exists?

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