Taking the Day Off

Yes folks, I took today off… I am going back to bed. I am not going to work and I am not going anywhere. I have the flu. More specifically, I have sinuous infection that is so painful that I am taking 292’s just to be able to sleep. My left ear feels like it has water in it and the sounds I hear are muffled. I guess the other problem is the heat from the 3 weeks of non-stop Sunshine. As you know I work in warehouse that has poor ventilation and no A/C control. I maybe also suffering from a slight case of heat exhaustion? So I called in this morning to announce that I would not be coming in.

6 Thoughts on “Taking the Day Off

  1. Ack! Poor guy! Sinus infections are no fun at all… I’m sorry to hear you are sick. Rest is the best remedy. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thanks T. I’m feeling a little better. *hack* One more day I think. 🙁

  3. Oh dear. Sunny and ill. Not a good combination. I have no idea what 292s are but it’s nice to see your warehouse doesn’t have A/C. It’s bad for the environment you know. 😉

    Like the layout by the way. Must get over more often. Too wrapped up in the TXP forum. 1.0 is due any day NOW. 🙂

  4. No, it is a bad combination!…. At least in winter you can complain because of the cold, knowone sees it that way in the Summer. I see your point about A/C, that is why we are living in a furnace in the first place.

    292, or T-3s are Tylenols (spelling???) they just help with the pain, they don’t fix anything.

    Glad you like the layout. This was one of the templates in the latest WP creation of treating a theme like a plug’n. It’s a cool idea I think?

  5. OI! Have you died over there???

  6. I’m Swamped with work and household problems…… I have Emails and letters and bills up to my Ying-Yang and they will not go away!!!!! 🙁 I should be O Kay by the way.. 😉 just more time and money should fix all my problems, extra money would be nice though?

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