Money Talk and Walk

How come the total amount of the bills, or legal tender is $ 44,115,085,795 in circulation and all other assets of the Bank of Canada Totaling (including money in circulation) adds up to $ 46,234,795,573, while adding up the total number of money loaded by just the three of the largest Charted Banks in Canada adds up to over $350,000,000,000: BMO, CIBC and TD Canada Trust? Is it true then that Fractional Debt Lending is alive and well? For example, every dollar in circulation these Banks lend out 10 dollars in loans. What would happen if those ten people were to call in their accounts for cash? Boy, would the Banks be screwed?

Where your tax money goes. I have always kept an eye on how well our government is spending our money. One of the things that irks me is how we are taxed. I have always had arguments with friends who are business owners. They complain about the high cost of doing business in Canada, particularly in the way they are taxed. I argue that they should be taxed even more because of the huge profit margin they procure while working class people wages are less than a third of all the corporations’ profits added up in Canada. Of course, the argument always ends with the same rant: “then business will simply move to other off-shore jurisdictions.” And I always end with: “no they won’t, there are only about 6 other jurisdictions that corporations will go to in order to sell their goods,” do you honestly think that they would deliberately shut themselves out of their bread and butter markets? Not! I say tax the living shit out of them and reduce personal income tax so we can spend money on their products!

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