The Last Days of Summer

Just to kill everyone’s Summer happyness, I’m going to talk about the first signs of Fall, and alert all of you that you better enjoy these last days before they are but a distant memory. But before I get into that, I would like to say, I have had the most enjoyable conversations with my oldest niece who is now 15 and is growing fast. So just to let everyone know, Sinead is doing very well, and is getting ready for the next school year. O.Kay, she really didn’t say she was looking forward to it, but I can tell she was psyching herself up to the challenge. Grade 10 is a big step and I’m sure she is going to do very well in it and hopefully stick with it pass grade twelve.

Now back to those early signs of Fall I was talking about. Some say it is the latest heat-wave we are having? Some are saying it is the pollution in the air? I say we are going into a early Fall! Leaves are already falling and the nights have started cool off rapidly. The weather patterns look like we are heading into a a very wet Fall, something we call the Pacific North Western Monsoons Season. Usually around the end of September, but not too uncommonly it starts right at the beginning of the month. So look at the photo I just took! Leaves falling by the dozen. Sure it is supper hot right now. But I have noticed that our Walnut trees are usually the first to loose their leaves. They are doing it about 3 weeks early this year. So proof that possibly, the Summer has (or is about to) ended and the soggy weather will start. I know, I’m such a party-pooper, but I just can’t stand people who say that “oh no, global warming says that our hot Summer like weather will make heat-waves last until October…” I say, get a life and read about the subject rather then watching some lame-ass news cast that did next to no research before they aired their stupid segment that was designed to shock and aw you into watching their program only to be enticed into also viewing their commercials! *take deep breath now*

Lastly, the classroom that I hope to never ever step foot in again! Yes, the dreaded 3054 G building was my last class of the Summer semester. What a killer 14 weeks that was. I was very relieved that I earned my B+ and thus places me into the third year program, never to look back at it again. When I decided to put this photo on this web site, shivers went up my back as I remembered all the hours spent in this room. I will never forget those long days. But I have to say, I did make some great friends while studying there. Now, what does the future hold for me….. looking into my crystal ball….

One Thought on “The Last Days of Summer

  1. Congrats on a great mark!

    Have you seen that tv commercial where that girl sees a brown leaf on the ground, and screams and runs in the other direction. That’s what I feel like doing, because I just saw my first official fall leaf today. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, Tom!

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