Slamming the Scammers

A friend of mine from my work today told me of his story of greed, deception and manipulation, something that got me thinking for rest of the day of how our world works in retail. Now, I’m going to type a few thoughts of his story. This story is of a person from depths of the minimum wage job as a video store clerk by night and a struggling laborer by day, hoping to get on full time with us.

He works as a clerk at night, or more precisely: as a cashier in a video rental company, somewhere near your little coroner in the suburbs. He waits while you walk around the store looking at something to rent, a good movie that you can take home and enjoy. So far so good. All you want is some cool yet cheep entrainment, probably something for the whole family or guests for the evening? As you approach him, waiting at the till, you noticed that between him and you, are piles of advertisements, asking you to protect yourself from accidental liability of damaged videos, DVD, possible stolen product that “it” says you are liable for in it’s total value to the store. He smiles, you hand him your selections of movies and you pull out your money, interact card, Master Card, etc… and then something else will happen just before he accepts your money? He will ask you if you wish to pay an extra $0.25 per video as a insurance policy against any of the possible mishaps that could occur to the materials you are renting?

You see, he is frustrated because his boss has told him that he must “sales-pitch” these and other “extras” onto every costumer that rents a video! He must sell these “extras” and maintain an average of $20.00 per day or per shift, and ultimately, drive up the amount of spending of each costumer to: get this: $60.00 per visit! Instead of just being a video sales clerk, he must peddle faulty insurance product plus entice the costumer into buying more than they wish to. This could cost him his lowly paying job if these newly placed quotas are not met. The employees are shown videos and given sales classes that last about an hour that are designed to capture the costumer and hold them hostage without the costumer even knowing it. They are given sale-pitch lines and how to pretend that they are holding up the line-up of other costumers who are dieing to cash in on these great deals. Of course, only the weak minded costumers fall for this while others get pissed-off and mad, causing possible safety problems for the store employees.

The whole thing stinks. And that smell are scams. Don’t get suck in!

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