The Long Weekend Blues

Getting out of bed was so hard this morning. Last night I spent a few hours working on my hot water tank which had to be replaced because the old one sprung and leak and caused some water damage around it. Then a friend from school needed some stuff moved from her apartment because she was moving (or had moved on the 1st), and her original plan fail because of mechanical problems. That took about 2 hours and some elbow grease to luge her stuff up to her new “3rd floor” apartment. And then lastly, I made some phone calls to family, one of my sisters just had a birthday on the 31st of August and I wanted to say hi: that phone call took over 3 hours. So naturally, when daylight poked through my window blinds, I tried to rollover and ignore the new day, but once I was up, that was it. Now I’m grumpy and wished I had stay in bed. I think it is going to take a few cups of coffee to get my body moving and at least try and make this a productive day.

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