Some Excitement in Tom’s World Today

Yes, nearly after 5 months of living without my GUI modeler for Provray, a Ray tracer tool for creating really cool graphics, I finely got it going! Yes, on the newer version of LINUX Fedora Core (FC), 3 and 4! It was a bitter sweet battle of installing each new version of K-Pov-Modeler, and having the endless streams of errors as I tried to complied, configure, and install it using the latest FC 3 and 4 Operating Systems.

You see, FC 3 and 4 have the new security features that FC 2 did not have. However, in the official read-me document, Redhat was excluding any software that did not use the GNU agreement. Sadly, somehow, K-Pov-Modeler was mistakenly left out, because it neither change it’s GNU agreement nor did it change any thing with which the KDEGraphic bundle was supposed to carry it. Well, after many months of trying and giving up, I finely went to the developer’s website and went through the endless list of Emails on their Email archives, I found what I was looking for, buried under whole pile of garbage. One sole found a way to circumvent this oversight and fixed the problem! I was so grateful. I sent an Email to the developer to post this on the K-Pov website so other LINUX users could fix this problem!

Oh how nice it is to use PovRay once again on a LINUX machine! Windows just doesn’t cut the grain when using graphics like this, it is just way to unstable for what I do with it. Heaven, once again…

3 Thoughts on “Some Excitement in Tom’s World Today

  1. Graphics geek 😉

    Takes one to know one…

  2. My addiction is bad, before I knew it, 9 hours had passed! Oh God! I can see some PovRay addic rehab. comming up?

  3. three words…


    …Intervention time!

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