Homework, Favicons and Artificial Sweetener.

– edited out –

I changed my **favicon**. I was board with the old one. However, the old one was good. I tried to create a more colourful style icon using the PovRay modeler program, Kpovmodeller, used in LINUX, but it was harder than it looked. For such a small area, 25 x 25 pixels, you really need a simple design to pull it off. Oh well……… back to the drawing board.

**Artificial sweetener** sucks. It is not even close to the real thing. What is wrong with good old sugar anyway? Who cares that is has mega calories and can give you a heart-attack before your 40th birthday: I mean really? It tastes like crap! It does not belong in your coffee, nor in your tea. On breakfast, it looks like icing sugar and still tastes like your cardboard cheerios were without sugar. I think if anything, artificial sweetener **is what will give the heart-attack**, if nothing else, a very dull tongue because you can no longer taste any more.

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