The Post Office Blues

Collecting my mail from my Post Office box today, I was amused at another costumer who was complaining about the amount of junk mail he had in his box. I looked over at him and smiled, and then looked into my box which only a few ad flyers and other leaflets that the post office actually sorts into the mail box, but nothing compared to the volume that he had. I took a closer look at what he had in his hands. I noticed that he had a lot of mortgage advertisements and credit card applications and other bits of mail from marketing companies that seem to offer large sums of money if you join some club. He had over 20 pieces of mail in his hands. This, he told me, was only 3 days of collecting in his mail box, as he only collects on Wednesday and Saturdays. The poor fellow seemed flustered at all of junk mail he had. He was equally flustered when I told him that I only receive a quarter of what he gets in one whole week.

“Why do I only receive such a small amount of junk mail,” he asked? Simple really, I don’t have a mortgage nor do I have any credit cards, things like Air Miles, that are design to track your purchases and how much you spend. Most importantly, I never fill out credit application and other marketing questionnaires that are designed to collect information about you so that they can sell or use. Also, I own my home out right. This means that Banks, credit companies and marketing corporations have no idea who I am, thus no advertising from them. I am actually surprised when I receive junk mail, and most of the time it is for the previous occupant of the mail box. But receiving junk mail should not be that much of a big deal I say: Canada Post offers a huge recycling bin in the building that you can happily deposit all your junk mail into before leaving the facility. But still, there is something to be said about having your name plastered on the front of an envelope that says “important information inside, you better open it up and read it, Mr. so and so!” Ha! Joke!

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