Totally Wiped Today

Not having the perfect day yesterday that I planned for, I instead got more headaches than I ever wanted in one whole month. Needless to say, the English homework did not get done. I barely studied for my Statistics and math and the Psychology research exam that I wanted to schedule later this month, instead it ended up being posted for: you guessed it, this Thursday afternoon, right when I have Stats! Now that my whole week is in total chaos, I now have to prepare for worst when I start my class tomorrow for English.

-edited out-

4 Thoughts on “Totally Wiped Today

  1. Jackie (Dr. Heslop) on Tuesday, September 27th, 2005 at 8:41 pm said:

    Hahaha! LOL. You bet I’m breathing down your neck! I’ve got my eye on you.

    Actually, I can already see big improvements in your writing — you learn fast! The stuff above about fixing run-ons with coordinating conjunctions is spot on. You can teach it to the class for me when we get to it.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh. Right. I’d forgotten about conjunctions! I haven’t been in school for years, and my writing is suffering because of it.

    Sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying the class!

  3. Thanks Jackie, I did not think you would click here for at least another couple of days. He he he. Right now I’m working on my next assignment: realy.. 😀

    Hi Netchick, yes, these pesky commas before those conjunctions? Sheeeesh, how is a guy to remember all this stuff? Tanya, English is one of the most difficult classes for me. Funny how I fear it so much?

  4. 🙂 Fear is a funny thing… Fear motivates me. It also invigorates me… I embrace fear, to be honest! It’s the same as risk for me.

    Good luck with your composition! You seem to be doing very well picking up the concepts!

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