When Neighbors go a Rye

Watching people who put themselves into bad situations, whether be it lack of money or otherwise, it is often troubling to watch. When neighbors who get themselves into trouble because they neglected to pay the rent or become excessive partyers, must be dealt with as they disrupt all those around them. While others who live in close proximity to the offenders often have little sympathy for them, the violators often see themselves as victims. The example in my case of the couple who, through repeated phone calls to the police because of domestic violence, noise pollution and threats to other neighbors who were upset by the unruly nature of this behavior, where ask to leave. The landlord, who had several years of experience dealing with this type of behavior, gave them the appropriate notices and knocks on their door to properly inform them of the pending consequences. However, the couple did not take heed to the notices and as a result of the midnight deadline; their power was cut to their lot. When mid afternoon arrived today, the beginning of the new month, the evicted couple had started to pack up their belongings, only to have one more mass disturbance: their way of letting the neighborhood know they were leaving. People stood by their front doors watching the loud spectacle taking place. Soon after words, the police were called to calm the situation. Noticeably, the speed in which they were packing increased as the police stayed and waited until they vacated the park. I away I felt sorry for them. This is a great place to live, however you must be considerate of those around you also so that we can all live in harmony. October 1st, has already stared with a bang—what’s next?

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