Scary Movies and Gas

I just got back from seeing the movie called, The Fog. I liked it. This movie was shot around my neck of the woods, along with a couple of scenes just one block away from my place. I now know why I saw a boat in the middle of the road when they were shooting. This puzzled me for a while being that we are aways from the ocean and the river next to us would not of being deep enough for it. Now that I know it is a story about an island that is under siege by ghosts of a sunken ship now makes perfect sense. What amazed me about this production was that they shot the film just this last August in Fort Langley and we are seeing it now. How is that for fast!

The gas that I’m talking about is called hydrogen, one of the two elements that makes up water. You are familiar with the Ballard Fuel Cell that is making the headlines in the news lately that is powering buses and cars? Well, I had the honor of being a test subject at my work testing a hydrogen powered Ballard Fuel cell made by a company called General Hydrogen located in Richmond British Columbia, which is a Canadian company who has outlets all over North America. They made this prototype that they have being testing and producing for the lift truck industry. So I felt kind of happy testing it out. Not every day you can say you operate a hydrogen powered machine? Perhaps this is the wave of the future? I sure hope so–battery operated lift trucks are not that environmentally friendly when you how much lead in those units.

I have been busy at work and taking care of business at home. You are wondering why I have not being keeping up with regular posts here over the last two weeks: I have running full steam with very little time to sit and type anything. With work asking for 110 percent and College heading into the midterms, my life has being a full run and I cannot see the finish line. However there going to be some changes coming up. I have decided to change College and move to a different campus. I am going through the laborious task of getting all my transcripts together and decide what I need to take and retake for the new school. I am switching because driving into Surrey (BC) and Langley City is just to dangerous. We have one of the worse population of bad drivers in this country. So I am switching to a more expensive college, but one that is better suited for a less hazardous commute. Anyway, I will add more about that latter on this week–I am going to bed now.

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