Life is Great, Then you Find all the Pot-Holes

The transfer to the new college was going great until I got my results back from admissions who told me that there was a problem with some of the credits I earned from the my old college. I was not surprised. It appears that I will be taking on 3 courses this semester rather than just taking the new courses at my new home campus. You see, I wanted to drop everything at Kwantlen and start fresh at UCFV, as luck would have it, each does not recognize each other’s curriculum. So, under advisement, I will complete the last 2 course for my 2 year at Kwantlen, then upon graduation, dedicate all my efforts over at UCFV for the final 2 years for the BA. I’m taking 1 third year CRIM and 1 entry level ENG then keeping my PYCH-Stats course which should put me back in the game.

Oh, they appear to have finished up at work as far as the construction goes. My new area is great–so much room. It is like moving into a new home. I’ll take photos soon.

2 Thoughts on “Life is Great, Then you Find all the Pot-Holes

  1. That sucks! I think it’s a conspiracy to make you spend more money. It’s bad enough that they make you take courses that you’ll never ever need the material from in your daily occupation requirements, but to make you re-do credits is awful.


  2. Hummmm, I don’t know if it is a conspiracy or not because you are given details for each course as to its transferability. Yes, I would go so far as to say that they seem to have set up that you cannot just walk in to a institution and claim your graduation without spending some money beforehand. What sucks is that they have it setup so complicated that each institution becomes unique from its competitors and transferring from one to another becomes a nightmare. But what I have learned is that you must spend more money to get the best education. Each College / University may teach the same courses as the other but one may be superior to the other in quality, services and recognition. But the way I see it, I have the time and money, if I need to re-take some courses, then just think what my GPA will be?

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