The Homeless

It occurred to me the other day that I have a new neighbor and I have no idea when he moved in–or appeared? It was early yesterday morning when I was getting ready to head off to work. I’m usually out the door by about 4:14am and I don’t notice that much because of the 10 year routine and tiredness of starting each day. However, that particular morning, I saw some movement in the bushes on the other side of the fence that boarders the park. I turned my truck around and pointed the head lights to see what was there. We have had problems with raccoons and people’s dogs before, so I was going to do a thorough scan before I reported it to the park owners. To my amazement, it was a person. He was packing up his tarp and pack-sack with what seemed to be all of his worldly possessions. I was shocked to see this. I turned my truck around and continued on to work, thinking every so often about this guy who was sleeping in the bushes between my place the railway tracks. When I got home, I looked to see where he had slept. I could see the compressed grass and shrubs where his lean-to had laid. There was twine hanging from the trees and some refuse littering the surrounding area. His little area was well hidden from the main traffic of the road, and only I had the view from my place. This morning I paid special attention to the spot where he was the day before, and sure enough, there he was getting up packing up all his stuff. Am I freaked out about this? No, not in the least. But I am concerned because seeing homeless people in Fort Langley is not that common. What should I do–tell the owners, phone the police, or say nothing?

I have so many things to say….. I’ll save it for tomorrow.

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