Where does All the Time Go

I spent most of the day driving around, helping out friends getting them set because a friend in need is a friend indeed. Not that I’m complaining or anything, I just knew that once you start out with a plan, you know deep, deep down it will never come to fruition with so many variables in the day’s course of events. Sure enough, I started off two hours behind and found myself chasing the clock ever since. But somehow, I got through it, with out to many postponements. I did call off a couple of chores until tomorrow because the daylight is so short and hopefully then, I’ll have everything under control and able to complete them in a shorter amount of time than what could of happen today. We shall see what tomorrow will bring. Now I must do some reading and studing for my next midterm–in less than five days from now. Yikes!

2 Thoughts on “Where does All the Time Go

  1. that’s why i don’t drive 😉

    good luck with your midterms!

  2. Thanks Lily, mid term time always stresses me out…..

    Ya, I kinda spend to much time using the car. Around here, you need it becuase of the distances. But when you own a pick-up, everyone is your freind when they need someone to help them move! 😀

    Thanks for the comment Lily. 🙂

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