Halloween to Remembrance Day

Halloween was wonderful. I had so much fun just staying at home doing the handing out of the candy thing with the local neighborhood kids, we have a good community here. I did dress up. I was a vampire with glow-stick around my neck. I thought I looked pretty cool for something that I threw together at the last minute. The highlight of the evening was chatting to my niece Shan on MSN, or IM for us LINUX users. I enjoy talking to her. She is now a teenager and carries the weight of whole world on her shoulders. She also did nothing on Halloween. To bad, she could of made a excellent vampire. She had other issues on her mind and was happy that someone was there too talk to. I guess that is one of the many responsibilities of being a uncle. Then there were the fireworks. I never noticed that across the railway track from my place, on the Indian Reserve, they hold fireworks. These were very professionally done, not some back yard $20.00 drug-store pack but very nice and spectacular. So, the night was as good as you can get without all the drinking and other mischief stuff one could get themselves into.

For Remembrance Day, I have decided that I will attend the Fort Langley ceremonies. When I was younger and in Air Cadets, I was apart of them frequently and enjoyed the company of the veterans when they told their stories. They are so few now that some fear their legacy may disappear as they pass on. To prevent this, the 60th to 65th anniversary are going to be celebrated with much more support than in the past. What is missing are the young who are third and fourth generation to those who served. It is they who may not appreciate the full value of what they did for our country and must be given the opportunity to see them one last time. So wear your red poppy in remembrance.

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