What crummy weather! Yuck! I was doing some cleaning outside and after about half an hour, I was starting to freeze and the thermometer was only at 8C. I must be getting soft living down here in the South. Remember I used to live way up North where the weather is a little bit less temperate. We are getting a little bit of a wind storm that has lasted about 2 days now and the leaves are all over the place. I’m glad I don’t have to rake the dame things. Hard to believe that less than 4 weeks ago I we harping about hot dry weather and had the A/C cranked just so I could study. Oh what a energy hog I was then. Now it is the heating bill. Funny how during the cooler months I keep the temperature close to the summer norms.

Work is going like a bat out of hell. What I mean is: who can predict what is going on in that place. One day were are keeping up with the demand of merchandise moving through our Depot, yet the next, we are swamped beyond any chance of catching up. Worse, we need more employees, yet, we seem not able to get those able, thinking bodies necessary to perform the everyday task for the job. Perhaps it is the management? I cannot understand what direction they are going in or taking on this. They had plenty of time reaching out to get qualified employees, instead they are loosing them. Now, they are loosing key people in very demanding positions because employees want to either advance or try something new in the corporation. The employer is now moving employees through mandatory placement to key positions that are not desirable and choosing to loose them by attrition as employees threaten to quite if moved. How do you keep everyone happy. Even I told them that I have my letter of resignation ready if I was put through the mandatory placement out of my department. Will they get the message? Let us all play the zero sum game shall we….. sheesh!

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