Who Ordered Rain

When I was sitting down for my dinner and getting my lunch ready for tomorrow, the sun was peaking through the window blinds and I could hear the sounds of children playing in the next lot over. Then, without warning or a whisper, the sky went dark and within an minute or two the wind started. I strictly remembered hearing that today was supposed to be nice and pleasant and that all the rain scheduled for Monday, was starting late tonight. Soon after the wind gave a couple of really good gusts hail started to pound my roof. The sky was dark now and I heard a clap of thunder that rolled down through the valley. Then like a symphony of lawn sprinklers, all in unison, they let loose with their river of drops bouncing off the ground at least 6cm. I one big wave, a curtain of rain hit and it hasn’t stopped since. Yes, the West Coast Winter has arrived.

One a warmer note, I finally caught up with a old friend of mine who lives in Turkey. He used to live in Vancouver, but found the love of life and decide that it was easer to move than bring her here into Canada. We have being keeping in touch over the Internet, but over the months, we sort of let time pass and eventually, we lost contact. I got a hold of him by searching some of the old web directories on the Internet, then sent off an email last night. With amazement, he replied today, and we sent 2 more emails back and forth, exchanging phone numbers and possible contact dates for a good catch-up and up-date session. I’m looking forward to that. Mmmmmm Club Med!

Oh, I think the rain wave stopped for a moment? Nope, faults alarm…. Oh well.

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