Another Day Another Dollar

Work was amusing today. With the expansion comes golden opportunities of new job postings. Today, the results were posted and the winners and losers were known. I applied for one of the positions. I never got it however, I was not to upset as I never bank on any of these positions when they come available for obvious reasons that I’ll get to later. I believe in three rules when it comes to my employer and duties of the job. First, if you are valuable, or disposable in a department, you’ll not advance into any position that exceeds your skill they want. Secondly, only choose those whom you want on your team. Remember the game Red Rover Red Rover, We Call… Over, from your school days? You pick the strong and influential and then whatever is left over—stays. The final rule is simple and is the one that is the least understood. They never forget. Any past grievances with any decision makers is always noted and logged. Aptly, I take notes too and follow these same three rules when making my decisions. The question I got asked today explaining this concept was, why did I waste my time applying for the job posting in the first place? Simple, remember what I said about rule three? I have a more sinister reason for applying. This is the only true gage of how I can rate and measure my employer and my position in the workplace. My friend told me that this was all bull-shit and that I was covering up my anger…. faking some academic mobo-jombo garbage story and making it out like I was not effected by the turn down. I had him ask one of the secretaries who works in the front office to say to her when was the last time I applied for a position with the company. She replied, more than 6 years ago. I told him to remember rule three. I explained that 6 years ago, myself and two others started a Union Drive here and we tried to certify the workplace because we were not happy with the quality of management we had at the time. Some of those same managers are still in power now and were the one’s who were on the brink of causing violence as we soldered on with the certification drive. That was the main reason we stopped. Risk of injury from management and other workers was almost a sure thing. Even after six years and constant denial, we never forget. I’m happy with my current position and I have no desire of leaving it voluntarily. In fact, if I was ask to leave to another department today, that would be my queue to leave completely and tender my resignation. But I had to know….

3 Thoughts on “Another Day Another Dollar

  1. You only got turned down for one. Try getting turned down for 3 in one day, not to mention the countless other postings I have been rejected for in the past.


  2. Well done for trying! And, I agree with your thoughts on positions, and how they are filled. So true.

    But, then again, you can start fresh anytime at a brand new job somewhere else, so there’s always that!

    Hope all is well with you, otherwise!

  3. Dan, you are still the young Jet-Eye searching for the force and far from mastering it. You have not found your foothold in the political arena and chosen witch side of the force you want to be on. It is a big corporation and it has over thirty years of experience with many trick and traps—like landmines and bonus traps. Perhaps you should think about getting to know the managers a little by hanging out with them. Try going to the local pub with them and dating members of their families. They seem to be very persuasive that way.

    Tanya, yes, time will tell. Remember why College and all that extra volunteer work is my top priority. 😉

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