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Today was a bit of a milestone as I finally got the art of POVRay and GIMP working together for me to produce GIF animated photos for the web. Alright, not a big deal for those who operate under a MS Windows operating system, but a victory on a LINUX system. Povray is a very powerful and free 3D graphics program that Ray Traces objects that you scrip into it. The complexity and ease of this GNU software package was daunting at first but once I spent some time with it, the easer it was to create with. GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is standard issue with almost every LINUX platform and works very similarly to Corel and Adobe’s packages. Putting these two together was an almost impossible task as tutorials and documentation files are scarce and poorly written. In a moment of truth, I woke up yesterday and the idea hit me as this great wave of inspiration followed through with a plan that I put to work immediately. The result worked. My first creation involved a short 21 frame animation in POVRay. Instead of rendering it to a MPEG of AVI file I dropped the frames into a directory as raw JEPG images. Next I converted all the images into GIMP format then renamed them to conform to GIMP’s GAP module which creates GIF animated images. On my very first try, as shown, success followed with more creative ideas and complex animations which are many times smaller than posting movie files of the same length.

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