The End of a Weekend

Well, back to work tomorrow and nose to the grindstone. I managed to get some homework done and my second to last project-midterm completed and printed. I only have few things left to do today to finish off the week, so I may get some relaxation time to myself tonight: I’m thinking of a movie…. The animation and graphics experiments are full of surprises. At one point I manged to animate 4 different objects, controlling them independently while converting it all into one rendered animation. Using the animated gif creator in GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) I redid all the graphics into on super small file (67kb) gif image. I’m a happy camper!

Added at 8:00pm

The long weekend is pretty much over. I phoned my baby sister up to wish her a happy birthday. Snoozer, as we call her, was somewhat happy about it. I reminded her that the big “THREE O” coming up fast and after that it is all down hill from there–so she better be good. By the way, we gave her the nick name Snoozer because she always slept in during her school days as a teenager. The name was so good it stuck. Next, I organized my vehicle insurance. Really the only hard part was putting the new decal on the license plate, but I also had to throw out the old papers and replacing them with the up-to-date ones. I had to go through the glove compartment, which was a chore in its self digging through a years worth of parking passes and other bits of stuff just to find it covered with junk and spilled coffee–ew. So my deeds are done and at last an hour on the net then off to bed. Have a great week everybody, hope you had a great weekend.

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