Another Wonderful Day

I am stretching it a little you know. About the day. It was more like half wonderful and half terrible, but terrible might be to strong of a word to describe the other half. Nonetheless I could easily split the day into halves and say I had good day, and then a bad day all rolled up into one whole day. So, the bad news first? I got my PSYC2300 psychology assignment today. It is a mother of an assignment. Not because it is hard or difficult. No–it will be very time consuming, plus it has a deadline that is due this coming Thursday. Just when I thought I was down the home stretch for this semester, the bad taste of reality reappears in my mouth. The mere fact that this assignment is worth 10% of the whole course sounds like nothing, that 10% could spell the difference of a C+ to a B+ in one ark of the red pen. The good half is more work related. I think the arrangement of the previous job postings after everyone who had received there transfers and promotion will have a minimal effect on my department. I did a quick evaluation and found that only a single member from personal will have any direct effect on my position and vis-versa. That makes me happy. Change is good only when it is a positive one–and one that works in my favor. I know I sound self-centered, but hey, I spend eight hours per day there: I would like it to be at least a smooth eight hours. In the end, I’m glad Monday is over.

3 Thoughts on “Another Wonderful Day

  1. I’m almost in agreement with you, re: Change. I actually believe all change becomes a good thing, eventually… Even if at the time of the change, it’s stressful and overwhelming. When I look back, any big change in my life has always resulted in good things in the end.

    I’m glad you won’t be too affected by the shifting! And, best of luck getting that mammoth assignment done. Yikes, 10% of your grade? Eww.

  2. Knowing which change is a good one to keep is the trick I guess? I wish I had a crystal ball that could tell me what is good– but then everyone would have one–and that wouldn’t be any fun.

  3. oh, um, good luck with the assignment

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