The Flu Flew Through the Flue.

Regarding my work, today I figured the inevitable notice of changes was delayed only because of the flu pandemic that is hitting everyone here. I was pretty sure that we would know our fiat. I guess the flu season is a blessing as the corporation’s CEOs are visiting tomorrow to see why we are not able to keep up with seasonal surge of product and they should see for themselves what the problem is. With so many off sick, nothing really could be done as far as changes and coordination of staff goes. Once they see that our problem is due to being under staffed and not poor productivity they may see what we know. Will they hire more people or suffer the consequences of companies like General Motors did today when they announced that they were laying off large numbers of workers due to bad sales and over priced products. As it stands, everything is normal, that is, I’m still doing my normal work: no extra duties or being shipped off to another department. I still have my finger on the print button for my resignation however.

I’m still playing with the graphics software that I downloaded last week. It is sure a lot of fun when you can create computer animated movies and graphics for the web. I may spend my X-mass holidays being creative and try and make a short animated movie just for fun. I think I may have a clever story-board already?

Edited: Nov 25, 2005

Regarding the part about “my finger on the print button.” I guess the confusion about that particular statement is: in this day and age, we write our documents out using a computer or word-processor instead of the days days using a type-writer or paper and pen. Just to clarify that one step further, I have made a file (document) with the details of the resignation stored on my PC. It would be just a matter of hitting the print button, thus printing it out for submittal.

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