Hey, the Week is Over

Another week is over yet again. What and week although better than the last one, this one still bites. This post is little more than a update from last week’s drama regarding the switching and re-posting of employees into different departments at my work. Since that “phone call” I made last Friday, everything seems to be quite as far as the interaction between me and management goes. This quite period is normal whenever I inquire with the Human Resource managers about any problems occurring at the work place: they really take my inquires seriously. The “phone call” has already hit the top ten topics of conversation in the rumor-mill and the grape-vine got pretty hot while that rumor hit the wire. The short of it is–I only wondered why an employee could be moved from one department from another when there is a pay increase involved. Another words, could the employer take an employee without any competition and post them into a that higher-rate job position while the other job positions in that department have being filled with applicants who applied and won their competitions. The whole thing smells to me. My take on this is–I’m happy where I’m am and choose not to move because of the extremes in the other department. I do not wish to work in the Freezer-Cooler, even for a extra $0.25 to $1.00 per hour. They forgot that others want to work there. The managers only looked at those with the skills rather than those whom wished to advanced into that department and seek the skill–like training them is a bad thing? This is why I wonder about my employer and just how long this corporation is going to stay afloat in todays market economy?

The changes to the look and feel of the Blog are coming along nicely. My very own theme for Word Press. I just uploaded the CSS today with the new gif images and I’m quite happy with the look. It really jumps off the screen on my lap-top. The only problem I have right at the moment is on the MS- Internet Explorer browser: I can’t get the footer to show in IE while all the other browsers have no problems with that. Hummmm? Shity MS, why do people put up with it? Oh yeah, they paid for it…. he he ha ha ha ah he he…

4 Thoughts on “Hey, the Week is Over

  1. your very own theme! yay!
    mine does some funkiness in IE too…but i am not worrying about it too much! 🙂

  2. Me either! I hate IE, enough not to worry about those who use it–they can imagine what the footer looks like.. 😉 Thanks LIly.

  3. you can take a picture and say, if you don’t see footer look at this and now pretend

  4. Yes, I was thinking of that…. I guess we think the same when it comes to IE: he he he… Poor people who use it. 🙁

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