Great Days Go By Fast

Yes sir-rey, the day was a great one. I had gotten so much done around the house that I feel guilty putting it off for so long. Even better were the little surprises that happened throughout the day’s events. I received an email from a friend who is living / or permanent holidays down in Brazil. Dave used to be a coworker from my early days with the company I’m with now. We knew each other since about 8 years ago and sort of kept in touch ever since when he left after 2 years on the job. He always impressed me because he could make things happen when I thought there was no way in hell he would survive: no job, no money and no support. He likes to travel and explore the world and when I receive emails from him I glow with envy. He told me once that he never liked the cold and he made sure that he was out of Canada during the winter months. Brazil is pretty darn nice this time of the year I’d say! Another friend of mine who now resides in the country of Turkey; Martin, enlightened me with a short chat on MSN or IM on my LINUX machine this morning. He was another ex-vancouverite who found his true passion, married her and is now living abroad in Istanbul. I was surprised to fine out that the weather in Istanbul is close to what it is here in Vancouver: cold and shitty during the winter months. So my evaluation of Martin’s move out there must be for true love as the weather would be a big negative in my books. Then to end it all off, I ran into a old college professor who recognized me right of the bat. I really must of left an impression there eh? We chatted for a minute or so, then it was time to head back home. So the day was good day and it went by so quickly–as is does when you’re having a great day. At 5:00pm, the sun had set and the air is chilly. They say it is going to hit below freezing tonight: what a great way to start Monday and work.

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