Add Water and Watch it Melt Away

Most of the snow we had from last night has melted away. I kinda knew it would happen when it warmed up and started raining, but is was nice to see the snow flakes and the white fluffy blanket covering everything. It sure makes the scenery a lot nicer to look at when everything is white and while underneath is so brown and damp–you don’t have to see that. The weather people say that it will get colder, -2C and we should see some more flurry action first thing in the morning. So we are still on for more snow!


Just to let everyone know: final exams are starting in about 10 days. I should have all mine completed by Dec 14, 2005. I do know that I have one in-class exam which means that I will not need to wait for the exam period to write it. So if you are trying to get in touch with me: good luck. I will except comments on the weBlog and emails, but for the most part, I’ll be hanging at home doing the hermit thing preparing for the exams. I may never answer the door either! You know who I’m talk about….

2 Thoughts on “Add Water and Watch it Melt Away

  1. All the best on your exams!!! You’ll do awesome…

    We’re getting more snow this afternoon! Start watching your window!

  2. Thank T, for the kind words. Yes, the snow did some, though not as much as I hoped for, but we got and now it goes–I hear it’s going to warm up over the weekend and maybe we’ll see some white wonderfull stuff falling from the sky? Keeping the fingers crossed 😉

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