Snow Photos and Weekend Plans

Alright, I went out after I got home from work and snapped a few photos with the digital camera of the new snow on the ground. It was like walking around a alien planet, as we here in Vancouver are not used to the white stuff on the ground. The acoustics were very different as I could hear everything around me from far off distances–yet it was peaceful quite. Even with the rumblings of the town’s traffic and businesses, I really felt like I was in an isolated world far from the metropolis of the big city and all the people. Of course that lasted only five seconds as a police car drove by checking license plates of parked cars as stolen vehicles are common around here. He stopped in front of me for a moment then drove off down the street. But the snow flakes kept coming down.

This weekend won’t be that exciting because of exams next week. I must study: read: homework: read: papers: term papers and essays are due… I will do some shopping: I need a new jacket–the old one I like is getting to small, or I’m getting to big? Anyway, I will do some gift shopping also for the countless nieces and nephews I have thanks to my sisters as procreation never ceases. (that was a joke) 😀

ADDED NOTE Dec 3rd, 2005

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8 Thoughts on “Snow Photos and Weekend Plans

  1. I’m kind of enjoying the snow myself…Don’t ask me why, since I moved out of Alberta to get away from the cold temps and the white stuff.

    Stuart (The Bomb Site) suggested quite a while back that I visit your blog since we live so close to each other. (I’m now living in Langley City.)

    Nice pictures. Send me an e-mail after exams if you want, or drop by the Suzuki Dealership across from Willowbrook Mall…I’m there Tues-Sat.


  2. Cheers Mike, glad you found your way over here to my humble weblog. So you’re the one that Stuart talked about when he was comparing me and my geographical location here in Canada. I have not typed to Stuart for quite sometime now as I have being so busy with college and work—I have been meaning to drop him a line. Well, perhaps we should get together in the new year or something and have coffee somewhere in Langley. If you hear from Stewart, tell him I said hi. I will drop him a line soon.

    Thank you for dropping by, hope to chat sometime soon Mike.

    Oh, as you can tell, I’m constantly doing upgrades here on the site so this theme won’t be the permanent one for my weblog. Glad you like the photos.

  3. Well finally the two of you meet. Took long enough. 😉

    We had snow here a few days back. Lasted almost the whole day and was gone by the next morning. I remember when we used to get a good 6 inches of snow every year. Lasted for weeks. We would all get our home-made sleds out and head for the nearest steep hill. Out in the country-side where it drifted we would see images on TV of farmers dragging sheep and the like out of drifts and cars stranded everywhere. I haven’t seen snow like that here for a good 20 years. Americans suggest global warming is a figment of the rest of the world’s imagination. Personally I think they have a screw loose somewhere but it can’t be in their brains. 🙂

  4. Oh, I think there are just as worse culprits as far as Global Warming goes than just the Americans. I mean, look at China and India for example…. sheesh those guys are just polluting like crazy. But don’t get me wrong, the US is by no means off the top of the top-ten polluter’s. Global Warming here in Canada has really taken on a whole new meaning: I really see the difference within my lifetime. When I was young, I remember snow that was far more in abundance than we see today. Now, it is a fricken novelty to see it and be able to make a snowball out of the stuff. Our winters are defiantly shorter because of it and our Summers are getting warmer and warmer also.

    But anyways, great to hear from you again. I guess we shouldn’t be strangers this long again. Take care Stuart.

  5. Glad you got out to take photos in the snow!! 😉

    Nice to get re-aquainted, if even just on the blog, huh? That’s cool!

  6. Thanks for popping by Tanya, …ya, weird how small the cyber universe really is. 🙂

    I was hoping that you could solve a little mystery here for me. I know you use Internet Explorer for your web browser. I’m trying to find what code would work to indent the text only after the second paragraph in a multi paragraph post. Doing it in Fire Fox was a piece of cake–but IE, what a pain… Any ideas would be great.

    Oh, did you try my new nifty “Spell Checker” button. Did that work too?

  7. martha and bertha on Wednesday, December 28th, 2005 at 11:29 am said:

    wheres the pictures of you tom?????????

  8. Well Sandra, aka marthra and bertha, it’s like this: if you look real hard, you will find photos of me all over the place here. You may even have to read a bit to get there. Good luck with that…. 😉

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