Exams Galore and Still Writing Them

With two now behind me, I still have one left to do for next Tuesday. I just finished the Stats 2nd year course about 20 minutes ago, so I am riding what I call the Exam High–I can’t even eat right now let along sleep. I am so happy that this class is over, it was a tough one. Because I am doing a Liberal Arts program, doing advance algebra was a little out of my expectations for courses to do. I see why some call this the Bottle Neck of all courses: Many are re-taking this course because of the 70% min required to pass. Statistically, I believe that I am well over the 70 percent mark, however it is hard to gauge this particular exam because you need to tie everything together along side with new concepts and formulas. So you basically needed to go through the whole textbook and read all 450 pages of text and formulas. I am just so happy that it is all over for math! Now English on the other hand, that is the next 3 hours of fun in a classroom. That–I can handle with a lot more confidence than Human behavioral Statistics in Psychology!

Added Dec 9: 6:00PM:
Regarding Sleep

I still haven’t had a nap yet. I don’t know why? I guess I’m so hyper with all the pressures of work and classes this last week that I still haven’t touch the ground yet from moving so fast. I went out to the Post Office to post some Christmas cards to my family, and that was a 20 minute wait in line because, according to the Postal Service, this is the last day to get letters and parcels off to people who live in remote areas of Canada. So I put the priority one list into action and franticly sent off cards–figuring that Toronto is on that list of remote places in Canada (from Vancouver).

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