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When I first started to type out this post, I was going to talk about how ridiculous it was running around town while the mad x-mass shopping rush was taking place. I was also going to say how put off I was with the whole commercialization of :openquote:x-mass:closequote: and how our children are getting sucked into the gift giving scheme. But no, I am not going to talk about that–instead I am going to talk about how happy I am that this term at College is almost over and that I have one last exam to do. I am going to talk about how happy that I will have some time to myself and will be able to spend it with some friends and hopefully some family.

But first, I reactivated my Smilies Icons today because I thought this theme could use them. I never reactivated them when I did the upgrade from Word-Press 1.2 to 1.5. I thought at the time that having them was a little too tacky for the theme’s tastes. Now that I am creating this theme from scratch, I could use them as long as I keep them to a minim. Word-Press came with about 20 to 22 stock smiley Icons, and adding them was real easy, with just a plug-in and some added code, the task was pure and simple. I may put them back in the comment section too if I find someone who would like to have them when they comment here. So, if you want them, just let me know–just one person needs to say :openquote: Give me my Smillies back :closequote:….

I managed to do what I had to do for x-mass shopping. I did the bear minim that one could do in such times–that is, I sent Money Orders out to my two sisters who live way out in the boonies and bought gifts for my two nieces and nephew who live closer but do not live in the same house. I figure I will let them do the shopping and I can take all the credit for that. great plan eh?

For those of you who have been trying to keep in touch with me, well, you will soon have a much easer time as I may brake down and purchase a Cell Phone! Yes, that’s right folks, I my have a mobile phone and you can leave messages as apposed to not leaving anything like it is now. You all know how much I hate having the phone…. peroid….. but you have made your point about contacting me for various things when they come up. I will keep you posted as to when that actually happens.

So, until then, you all have a happy season holiday and happy shopping, spending money, running up those credit cards. I know I am being sarcastic.. he he he. But hey, you might as well have well you still can–right! Leave a comment if you are just saying Hi!

4 Thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on Stuff

  1. 🙂 Hey, sounds like your Christmas shopping is going about the same as mine!

    I *only* use a cellphone these days for communication. I even weeded down my two cellphone habit to one last year. I’m very proud of myself.

    Although Telus is a little more expensive, they have the best coverage for your boonie location 😉

    Happy Ho Ho!

  2. Well, the shopping is over, at least for gifts! I am glad that annual tradition is over and done with for one more year. Yes, the Cell Phone–still haven’t found yet. I’m probably going to wait until the mad shopping rush is over then purchase one, I really don’ t need one that bad.

    Tanya, you have fun on your trip to Europe! Stay out of trouble over there OK! 🙂

  3. Er, apparently you don’t visit my blog enough, T! Trouble is my MIDDLE NAME!! hehe…

    I’ll have fun, but man, is it bad timing… *sigh*

    Have a great Christmas/New Years! Don’t forget to drop by my blog for all the crazy adventure updates!

  4. OK, you are trouble! More stuff…… oh, me must go and check… So how many posters are you going to have while you are gone in your PJs while up upon the (Ifel)sp???? Tower? :notworthy:

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