Time Does Not Follow the Same Rules Here

Opening the browser and Emailer is just like opening a present on Christmas morning, you never know what you will get. I wanted to check up on what the delivery situation was for the parcels I sent to Vancouver Island from Fort Langley was and as whether it would make it on time. As it turned out, the postal web service was not much of a help: it was not updated from the last time I checked. This could mean that the parcels are still sitting in Fort Langley for the last 3 days waiting to embark on their journey to the Island, or that they have in fact moved on and are waiting to be delivered, but the service was not updated to say that? I am hoping the latter was the correct answer.

My niece who lives in Quallicum Beach now, told me today that she is going to spend 9 days in California for Christmas. Lucky duck. Some people have all the luck. I know she is really sick of the brown winters along with the cool damp rainy weather that is famous around these parts, so this is what the doctor ordered. I hope she enjoys herself down there–I think she deserves it.

I just wrote my last exam today. You are wondering why today and not last Tuesday like I said before? Well, the prof. was super sick apparently and because of the mad rush to get exams marked and the next semester underway, he could not find any subs to take his place. I guess there was an attempt yesterday, but he never gave the exam to the T/A so we stood around waiting for twenty minutes then we all decided to leave and try again for today. I am so happy that it is finely over! I just want to get on with my seasonal things to do and enjoy the total time off from work. Finally, time off for good behaviour!:reading:

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