Winter: Now the Days get Longer

Winter has come upon us and as we sleep through the longest night we will be greeted with ever lengthening days from here on in until the cusp of Spring and Summer. Of all the days celebrated in the seasonal holidays for me this day is the most special. I plan my events around it and pay particular attention to it as it represents, as did the ancients, the rebirth the new year in terms of celestial events. So as you can see, if you read further on down, I plan my big events and mark changes on this day. I feel that in keeping with the rhythm of Solar System and the Earth, I can keep the rhythm of the things around me and use the ebbs and flow of these changes to my advantage. In 15 weeks the warm season will be here and along with it, hopes and promise of great things to come. So bring on Winter!

Family note

I got a new phone number on my mobile–please see email I sent out today. If you are not sure you have received it, then email from your address and I’ll update my address book and resend you the number.

More News

Today I gave notice to my employer of almost 11 years my resignation of employment. Best dam feeling I had in Ten years! My last day will be December 30th, 2005 and My new job should start around January 13th, 2006. I’m looking forward to my unemployment.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Seasons Greetings. May 2006 be the best year ever!

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