The Big Red and White Guy with Gifts

The big guy has come and gone leaving gifts of toys and fun stuff for the holidays. Yes sir, the big guy, Santa Clause, had made his way to the little town of Fort Langley, managed to craw through my furnace chimney and stuff the bottom of the artificial tree positioned carefully on my living room hutch which is just big enough to support it and the stand it sits in. With the wind and the rain outside, the theme inside was almost wintry. With the exception of the 13C temperature and sudden gusts of wind, if I closed the window blinds you could almost think is was snowing outside. I am glad however that it is not snowing out side and the temperature is above zero–this would mean constant trips outside making sure waterlines are covered and the neighbour’s cats are not living underneath the patio stripping away the insulation between the house–this had happened last year.

I spent the early part of today creating yet another Word Press Theme! Yes, the Red and White Theme is almost complete except for a few bits of tweaking and image adjusting, it should be up and running by this afternoon. I was trying out some new ideas I had from the last theme I made, which did not turn out that great. you could say I learned some valuable lessons from a mistake that took more than five hours to sort out. In the end, I think I have a really cool and unique theme for Word Press.

Instead of making the Christmas turkey and other traditional meals, I went with the Christmas Spaghetti and special meat sauce boughten only in a can. My favorite homemade meal that I enjoy cooking. Not a good meal for one who should be on a diet, but when you want a meal with lots of left-overs, this is the stuff to make. I even went and spoiled myself with white cheese and Italian spices for that real authentic taste! Now that is what I call a traditional Christmas treat.

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