The Transition of Commerce and Employment

Deciding that New Years day was the best day to start the transition from one job to another, I get to sit back for about a week and a half and think about all the changes and new adventures I am about to embark upon. Having given my notice to my current employer of almost 11 years, I have to sit back and reflect about what those years meant to me. However, I am finding myself in a situation where I am so busy with preparations that I may fly over the whole reflection thing and pass right on into the next the job without a blink. I have not touched the ground in the last two days from all the activity and stuff and it look’s like this will keep up for the rest of my off time between jobs. So, now I have 12 days in which to find something that I can do that involves rest and relaxation yet find the quality time and enjoy myself in between: after all, this may very well be a last vacation I have for a long time.

I am also amazed at the Snake Oil Sales people that are out there. Today I had to take care of my insurance for my house. Everything was pretty routine until the insurance lady asked me If I wanted to take out insurance for lost of employment on any payments that I may have with my financial institution. She was drop dead serious too! I thought to myself, “she has the paperwork right in front of her, there are no payments or financial institution involves with my humble dwelling–as I owe nothing on it”? She kept on pushing the product. After listening to her spiel for two minutes, I interrupted her and told her that I have no interest in her product whatsoever–no thank you. She started in again about the risks I may have if I get injured or unemployed (little does she know) or if I find myself in some legal pit. I went right to the point: I have no need for such insurance! She backed off only to be somewhat insulted. I left with a sour taste in my mouth, wondering why I felt so bad when I did not want her extra insurance. It just goes to show you that you that professionals who are really good at this sort of thing can make you feel this way when It was never your problem in the first place. Selling Snake Oil is a fine art form–I guess–but I stood my ground.

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